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In a clear, simple frame I am exactly what you see. Cliché, but it's like this: simple. I am not a delicate girl and my best friend, since I can remember, is my All Star. I like old books with that musty smell, rain kissing my face and wind brushing through my hair.
I always thought that photography should be lightweight, loose, with lots of light, motion and colors. Portraits are supposed to show you naked, even when you're dressed. This can be a romantic definition but I need to see real people in my pictures. Crooked noses, that almost unbridled thrill, tears of joy, skin with pores and life, lots of life!

My head is always wondering what I can do to bring people closer to me and closer to themselves. I want them to feel adored! I want them to understand my love for them and how much I cared to have that affection. I like people, of all kinds. Smiles, colors, tight hugs and the smell of rain. I believe in love. I am a dreamer. In a clear and simple frame, I'm exactly what you see!

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